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Heating Tips and Tricks – Heating Toronto

People can save money by being a little more proactive with their furnaces and air conditioners in Toronto.

To prevent unwanted breakdowns and costly repairs:

  • Service furnace and air conditioner at least every two years (for the average furnace, older furnaces should be looked at yearly)
  • Wash/change/replace furnace filter at least every two months – some specialty filters need only be replaced every 8-12 months
  • Always call your service technician right away when you hear noises coming from your furnace.  Noises typically get worse over time and could cause a no heat inconvenience.
  • Gov’t grant program for new high efficiency furnace and air conditioners now extended to March 2011read more
  • When to change your furnace filter: Do you need to change your furnace filter? If you can’t see through the filter when you hold it up to a light, you need to change it. You may need a new one every month- especially if anyone has dust allergies or if you have pets. .

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