25 years in residential air conditioner/furnace installation & repair in Ontario

Call us for Gas Fireplace installation/repair in Toronto & GTA!

Toronto Gas Fireplace Installation/Repair

For Toronto & GTA gas fireplace services John Novak can provide all your gas fireplace needs, be it at home and at work. An expert with gas fireplace products from Lennox, Carrier, Montigo, Classic Flame and more John Novak is able to find the best fit for your gas fireplace installation needs. Call John to discuss the right gas fireplace solution whether it be gas fireplace installation or gas fireplace repair. Remember John has 25 years experience with gas fireplace repair and gas fireplace installation and hundreds of satisfied clients in Toronto and throughout Ontario.

“John Novak makes YOUR home gas fireplace needs his focus!”

“25yrs providing gas fireplace repair/installation in Toronto”

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