25 years in residential air conditioner/furnace installation & repair in Ontario

Stoves and Dryer Installation Toronto

Twenty Five Years of Experience For Your Stoves and Dryer Installation Needs

You want to be sure that you’re getting the most in cost efficiency when you’re looking at your appliances and that includes the installation of gas fuelled stoves and dryers. There’s more to consider here than first meets the eye, and there are some precautions to getting the job done right and safely that means you need to turn to John Novak. He’s the one with 25 years of experience in furnace installation, repair and your residential air conditioner needs. All that experience translates into stoves and dryer installations as well.

Remember that hooking up one of these gas fuelled appliances needs to take into consideration that the required connectors must meet certain specifications. They need to be a particular diameter, have specific operating pressures and can only be bent in certain ways.

John Novak knows all of this and more since he’s been gas licensed in Ontario since 1990. He’s works with several different gas furnace companies and he stays ahead of any and all innovations so he’s considered one of the best at what he does in a vast service area that stretches from York Region to Aurora.

When you’re looking for stoves and dryer installation, you need to be sure that you’re getting the job done right the first time whether or not the process includes gas hookup. Give John Novak a call today.

John Novak has been in the gas, heating and air conditioning for over 20 years and call him first for your stove and dryer installation in Toronto, Ontario

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