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Some tips on pool heaters

Pool heaters, like the swimming pools they service, come in a variety of makes and models to choose from.

By drawing warmth from the air through a refrigerant vapor compression cycle and using this heat to maintain a comfortable water temperature, traditional heat pumps have proven to be an efficient, practical way to heat your pool. Meanwhile, solar pool heaters are growing more popular as an economical and environmentally friendly way to heat pools. Solar heaters circulate the water through the small openings of the solar collector where it is heated by the sun. The water then flows back into the pool through the regular pool pump and repeats this process over and over adding heat until the water reaches the desired temperature.

Gas heaters run on propane or natural gas and are easily controlled by a thermostat allowing you to control the setting. These popular pool heaters work quickly and offer up to 90 percent efficiency ratings. You should rely on a professional to properly install and maintain gas pool heaters to avoid any safety hazards.

A trained professional that specializes in heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance services, including installing and maintaining pool heaters, can offer homeowners some tips to help reduce heating costs, no matter which pool heater they decide on. For example, keep the thermostat as low as possible while maintaining a comfortable water temperature and keep a thermometer handy in the water so you can determine the right temperature. Lower the thermostat when you are not using the pool for a few days and shut the pool heater off completely if the pool is not being used for a longer period of time.

When not in use, use a pool cover to conserve energy. Make sure to have a professional provide annual maintenance to any pool heater to ensure its efficiency and long-lasting operation.

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