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Humidifier FAQ – It’s a good time to talk about humidifiers!

Don’t have a humidifier? Not sure if you need one?

Humidifiers are used simultaneously with the furnace in the cold winter months. What do humidifiers do and how do they work?
To put it simply, humidifiers release moisture into the air. Humidifiers are available in various designs, each of which turns liquid water into water vapour, which is then vented into the house at an adjustable rate. Central air humidifiers are integrated into the forced-air heating system so that they humidify air while it is being heated. The water that is used is pumped automatically into the humidifier from household plumbing, unlike portable humidifiers, which requires the owner to supply water to the device periodically.

The air tends to be dryer once your furnace is running at full speed. Heat evaporates water, taking away any moisture in the air. The optimum relative humidity level should be between 30% and 50%.

Why humidify air?

Indoor air that is dry can cause cold and allergy symptoms, even asthma symptoms. It can also cause skin to become dry, irritated and itchy. Dry air can also harm paint and wood furniture making it become loose, warp and split. It causes static electricity, which can damage sensitive electrical equipment, cause hair to stick up, and can be painful and annoying.

Certain airborne pathogens, such as those that cause the flu, circulate easier in dry air than in moist air. For someone with a cold and thick nasal secretions, a humidifier can help thin out the secretions and make breathing easier making life with a cold or flu a lot more comfortable.

John novak heating & air conditioning highly recommends each household with a furnace also installs a humidifier. The lifespan of a humidifier is the same as your furnace so if you installed them at the same time you will have to replace both when the time comes.

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