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Air Conditioning Repair Tips Toronto

A few a/c repair scenarios

If you think your air conditioner is not working to its full potential, a heating and air conditioning professional can advise you about some early warning signs to indicate your air conditioning system may be in need of repair. Even the better names like Honeywell and Lennox can use a helping hand once in a while.

First of all, check to see if you need to replace the filter. A filter clogged with dirt and debris can affect the running efficiency of the unit. If you notice your unit is making more noise than usual when it clicks on, check the outdoor condensing unit and clear off any debris or leaves that may have collected on the condenser or inside the unit. If there is no evidence of debris but the noise or rattling persists, this could mean loose fan blades or a problem with the duct work. This could mean you need a/c repair.

Perhaps you’ve noticed some rooms in your home are cooler than others. This could indicate the thermostat has not been calibrated properly. You should use a level to check that the thermostat has been installed properly on the wall and make sure the inside of the thermostat is clean. In addition, a jump in your monthly energy bill could mean the air conditioning system is running more often and working harder to keep the temperature at the required level.

Any of these issues could mean you need a/c repair . A technician trained in dealing with various top a/c brands will know how to check to make sure the condenser unit located outside the house is clear of debris and there is a proper level of refrigerant in the central air conditioning system that directly affects the inside temperature. These pros know how to inspect the compressor or blower motor, check for refrigerant leaks or recharge the system and can tighten loose fan blades and secure rattling duct work quickly.

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