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Are people paying the high price for so called builders’ air conditioners three years later?

With this past heat wave in Toronto I have gotten a lot of calls to service or repair air conditioners, of course. What is happening? Believe it or not these air conditioners are only three years old!

When you first purchase a new home a lot of times the builders “throw in” the air conditioning unit or recommend a contractor to install them for the whole subdivision. The price of the units are very desirable because as new home owners know the expenses incurred once you move into your new home are astronomical and most unexpected especially if you have never purchased a new home before. Land transfer tax, new furniture, new appliances, legal fees incurred etc. And now I need an air conditioner? So $3000 for a good quality Luxaire with years of warranty or a builders’ model at half or less the price? You will be in this position but it will be an easy one to make because you have just spent so much money on everything else.

I always say to my customers the old adage of you get what you pay for. You may not want to spend a little extra at the time for a good name brand air conditioner but you would never regret it. Lately all I do is repair air conditioners that have been installed only three short years ago. Is this fair? When I install a new air conditioner it may take me 6-8 hours. Your builders’ contractor will slap it in a couple of hours.

So why are they breaking down and what is the answer? Most people forget about their air conditioners unless they are turned on and rightly so. Filters are not being changed on a regular basis and air conditioners and furnaces are not being serviced by professionals on a regular basis. A minimum of every two years is highly recommended.

John Novak has been in the gas, heating and air conditioning business for over 20 years and is sought out as an expert in his field. For more information, tips and tricks feel free to visit his website at www.JohnNovakHeating.com

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